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Black Onyx - Charoite - Herkimer Diamond

Black Onyx - Charoite - Herkimer Diamond

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Herkimer diamond

Herkimer diamonds are naturally formed double terminated quartz points not actually ‘diamonds’ as such - great for purifying energies, aiding in dreams and vision. It is also an amazing crystal to assist with meditations and to use in crystal grids.


Charoite is part of the monoclinic crystal system - the stone of transformation and a great stone for spiritual change. It stimulates ones inner-vision, releasing deep fears and by putting things into a bigger perspective it becomes an encouraging stone for one to help in services to humanity.

Black onyx

Black onyx is part of the chalcedony family - known to enhance clear focus, relieves fear and worry by amplifying ones intentions. It is also known to help one let go of unhealthy attachments in past relationships.

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Why you should have selenite in your home?

Selenite is known to cleanse and clear energy, which means it is a great crystal to have in your home to clear out negative energy as people enter your space but to also cleanse your home continuously.

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