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New Home Kit

New Home Kit

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Selenite is part of the gypsum mineral family- a stone of mental clarity, peace and integrity, selenite is known to be a powerful cleanser and has the ability to charge other crystal by simply laying them on a selenite planet for example, a very simple and easy way to cleanse and charge your crystals and space.

X-large Black Tourmaline Chunk 

Black tourmaline is part of the aluminium borosilicate family - carry tourmaline with you everywhere as it protects against negative energies, emotions and intentions. While being super grounding it brings a great feeling of balance.

Malachite (tumble)

Malachite is part of the hydrated carbonate group - malachite is an amazing stone for protection, transformation, promotes strength and resilience. Known to help draw out old stored negative energies and suppressed feelings.

Agate (tumble)

Agate belongs in the chalcedony family - known to be a calming crystal, agate has the ability to heal anger, builds relationships and soothes anxiety.

Amethyst (tumble)

Amethyst is part of the quartz family - known to relieve stress, reduces insomnia and soothes headaches, great for mental clarity.

 Palo Santo Smudge Stick 

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Why you should have selenite in your home?

Selenite is known to cleanse and clear energy, which means it is a great crystal to have in your home to clear out negative energy as people enter your space but to also cleanse your home continuously.

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