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Protection Kit

Protection Kit

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Includes the bag pictured 


Selenite is part of the gypsum mineral family- a stone of mental clarity, peace and integrity, selenite is known to be a powerful cleanser and has the ability to charge other crystal by simply laying them on a selenite planet for example, a very simple and easy way to cleanse and charge your crystals and space.


Amethyst is part of the quartz family - known to relieve stress, reduces insomnia and soothes headaches, great for mental clarity.

Black obsidian

Black obsidian is sometimes classed as a mineraloid. Formed from volcanos, it is actually volcanic glass - a very protective stone known to be amazing for physic protection specially. It is super transformational and grounding.

Tigers eye

Tigers eye is a metamorphic rock, and classed as being part of the quartz family - great for protection, grounding and clearing unwanted emotions and energies.

Black tourmaline

Black tourmaline is part of the aluminium borosilicate family - carry tourmaline with you everywhere as it protects against negative energies, emotions and intentions. While being super grounding it brings a great feeling of balance.

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Why you should have selenite in your home?

Selenite is known to cleanse and clear energy, which means it is a great crystal to have in your home to clear out negative energy as people enter your space but to also cleanse your home continuously.

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